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  • Christina Castillo
    commented 2018-05-30 16:25:21 -0700
    I had a woman come to my home about half an hour ago. She was looking for a former resident that use to live in my apartment. She wanted to talk to the former resident about Steve Ficshmann. I let this woman know that the person she was looking for was not longer living here. Instead of informing me about this candidate, she walked away. Was is because I didn’t look old enough to vote? I’m 40 years old? Was it because of the way I was dressed? I just gotten out of a shower after coming home from the gym. Was it because I was home around 5 pm? I’m on summer break since I work for LCPS. I just was wondering why people that are coming to homes to talk about this candidate, don’t do just that. I’m a registered voter. I don’t know ANYTHING about this candidate. Taking a few extra minutes to share why Steve Ficshmann is a good candidate to vote for could help. Could you imagine how many other people this is happening to? Just a little extra time to talk to the constituents, whether they are the people you’re looking for or not, could help with votes. Thank you for your time.